Thursday, July 25, 2013

Cedar Grove Plantation (Bayou Rapides House)

The Jeff Horn family recently held a reunion near Alexandria and were able to visit their old house on Bayou Rapides Road, which the family lived in starting in the early 1970s. They moved from here to Tyler, Texas around 1988. The same family that purchased the home then lives in it now, and as we found out during our quick tour, they haven't changed much at all! It was quite a unique experience for the family who lived here; stepping back in time a good 30 years!

The house is a replacement of an original plantation house, and the property was and is known as Cedar Grove Plantation. Governor Joseph Marshall Walker (no known relation) is buried on the property, so the story goes. According to some documentation, this means that Cedar Grove once belonged to his family . . . Interesting.

Charlotte showing the kids the inside of the shed out back, where the kids used to play.

Looking from the side patio to the magnolia tree.

In the next few pictures, we gathered underneath the extremely large magnolia tree to the left side of the house. This is the tree where the younger set of Horn children spent hours and hours playing all year. They had a little fort in the tree and a rope swing on one of the branches. Remnants of both were still there. What a cool moment for them all to share together!

Charlotte and Georgia discovering the fort pieces!

 Hearing stories about the tree.

Audrey in the tree!

 The house from the tree.

 Steamy in the shade.

Emmaline and Johnny

The cotton fields behind the house.

The stables, on the opposite side of the house.

Bayou Rapides and the weir, across the road from the house. The kids used to play here all the time.

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Saturday, August 05, 2006

New Blog, please contribute!

After consultation with my wise husband, I have determined that I will create one blog for each of the four main ancestral lines of our family. There will be links in the sidebar to a blog for the Horn family, the Walker family, the Parker family, and the Britton family. That way, you can each contribute to the blog which pertains to your relatives, and you won't have to deal with all those other people you've never heard of!

Please bookmark those blogs which pertain to you. I feel like we all have a responsibility to contribute to these family histories. It is easy to comment and share your memories or corrections, and I will then post them to the pertinent posts.

I'll post my latest efforts on each blog, and I hope you'll share any information you may have as well. I'll use it as a place to post pictures so you can all have copies. All you need to do is click on the picture and download it onto your computer. Then you can save and print it, or bring it to a photo shop to have to made for you.

Also, please feel free to make corrections. Many of you are more familiar with your specific ancestors than I am, and I may have some information wrong. Anyway, enjoy!